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http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~mendel/gta/files/reference.zip (60-100 KB)

http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~mendel/gta/files/reference.gif.zip (266 KB)


whenever the web server is up ;-)


These ZIP files contain the complete Grand Theft Auto Unofficial Reference Handbook (that is every file in http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~mendel/gta/reference/ and below) and should see updates whenever anything in the Handbook changes unless I'm sleeping on the job;-)

Install Main Part of the Handbook

1) Download reference.zip.

2) Extract reference.zip into a directory of your choice.

You can now use the handbook, just open index.html with a browser of your choice..

Install Optional Graphics

Some pages have graphics with examples; these are not essential for understanding the handbook. If you want to see those, follow these steps:

3) Download reference.gif.zip.

4) Create a directory named "gif" (not "GIF") in the directory where you put the handbook.

Bearded Head

5) Extract reference.zip.gif into that gif directory.

6) Reload this page from the handbook that's installed on your harddisk; if you can see the picture on the right, you have installed the graphics correctly.


You can find recent changes to the handbook listed in my Website Journal. When the handbook grows larger, and a substantial number of pages is essential finished, I will provide Update Zip Files. At present, you can either download the changed pages on your own (probably missing the index pages), or download the complete archive again.

You can update your GIF files incrementally by going to http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/~mendel/gta/reference/gif/ ; you will get a directory listing. Look at the file dates and get the new GIFs.

See also

To extract the files you will need an archive program such as Winzip or Pkzip.


Because updates are relativeley frequent right now, I would feel uneasy if these files were posted on other servers without my previous consent. A reason to do so might be a bad connection to Germany from your corner of the internet.

This Handbook is currently edited by Michael Mendelsohn. Contributions are invited and very necessary! Use any old format, I'll structure it for you if necessary...


May not be up to date if I forget to update it ;-) At this time the handbook is very far from complete.


Last change: 5 Jan 1997

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