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If you have some ideas of your own please share them with me! If you want to contribute to this page, please do so!

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Things To Do

New Mission Ideas (for those who've seen them all)

You will not earn any points in the game when you complete these missions; however, you may enjoy the challenge. A mission editor is in the works, so expect these ideas to turn up in a user-produced level in the near future - participate by sending in ideas!

Liberty City

Screenshot: Schoolbus in S Nixon Island
  • The bambini are complaining that school is too boring. Take them for a trip to the southernmost tip of Nixon Island! [Easy]

  • Visit the North End of The Island (North No Law)! Get Back! [Medium]

old Screenshot: Sewer entrance
  • Take a trip into the sewers of Guernsey City! Jump down at this spot in South Eaglewood, walk under the bridge and into Eaglewood/Fort Law, just make sure you don't walk into any 'real' water.

    If you like, add the code on the right to your MISSION.INI to get the car and the boat. Riding the boat is way cool!
    Unsolved problem: how to get up again!


Easy Liberty City NEW, 22, nyc.cmp, 0, 
100 1 1 1 1 0 

Places a bug and a boat on the water
1000 1 (136,43,5) PARKED 1 0
1001 1 (8848,2840,320) PARKED_PIXELS 13 512

0 1 (108,108,4) TELEPHONE 0 768

San Andreas

Vice City

GTA Trivia

Projects for GTA-crazy gamers

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