The unofficial Grand Theft Auto Reference Handbook

This Reference Handbook is broken down in sections; these are listed here.


general reference information [how to use this handbook, download instructions, ... ]


Step-by-Step instructions for common tasks [Adding Powerups, Adding Kill Frenzies]

File Formats

Format information on GTA Data Files [MISSION.INI, STYLE00?.GRY, RAW]

Object Codes

All MISSION.INI Object Codes [many of these still need some research]

Program Statements

All MISSION.INI Program Statements [many of these still need some research]


The Handbook HTML pages are also available as ZIP file (see the Zipfile Reference for more info). The original version of the handbook is available at (in case you got it somewhere else) and is being continuously updated. You will also find some kind of change log there.

This Handbook is currently edited by Michael Mendelsohn. Contributions are invited and very necessary! Use any old format, I'll structure it for you if necessary...


At this time the handbook is very far from complete. Some more stuff is in the works, though...


Last change: 5 Jan 1998

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