Object Codes


POWERUP - place a powerup object


### (x,y,z) POWERUP t a


all GTA Demos, GTA Full Version


Powerup objects can be picked up by the player to aquire bonuses such as weapons or information.



object index


object coordinates


Powerup Type:

1 = Pistol
2 = Machine Gun
3 = Rocket Launcher
4 = Flame Thrower
6 = Car Speed Up
9 = Police Bribe
10 = Armor
11 = Multiplier Up
12 = Get Out Of Jail Free Card
13 = Extra Life
14 = Info Sign
15 = Extra Life (With different audio)


With Weapon Powerups:

0-99 = ammunition amount
100 = unlimited kill frenzy
101-?= time limited kill frenzy
(5000 = 195 secs, 10000 = 395 secs)

With Info Sign (t=14):

1-32 = number of help message



So far it looks as if you can place the powerups anywhere except in a building. (Can they be placed in passages?) If placed where a parked car exists you will have to drive the car to get to the object, which looks like a good way to hide powerups because you only see the car and not the crate. If placed on a startup position you will just start out right on top of a crate. If placed where a phone is, the phone will appear on top of the crate, but you can still get to the crate. Trees are offset sitting right on gridlines so you can put crates right next to them. Just placing an INFO SIGN will crash the game if you try and retrieve it. (You might have to provide a message for it?)


To activate a powerup, use the POWERUP_ON statement with the object index of the POWERUP object.

Info Signs:

Usage is still sketchy, placing an info sign may crash the game if you try to pick it up. The FXT file contains entries [help1] through [help32], so placing help signs in Liberty City may be safe if no duplicates are used ???


Object Codes

271 (70,85,4) POWERUP 2 500
Machine Gun, Kill Frenzy 20 secs ?
272 (141,208,4) POWERUP 2 700
Machine Gun, Kill frenzy 30 secs ?
273 1 (70,85,4) TRIGGER 9000 0
Triggers messages etc.
274 1 (141,208,4) TRIGGER 9080 0
Triggers messages etc.
276 (140,25,4) POWERUP 1 99
Pistol with 99 shots ammunition
520 (196,223,4) POWERUP 14 9
Info Sign with text [help9]

Script Statements

9000 ff.
Code for frenzy message and other stuff
9080 ff.
Code for frenzy message and other stuff
30470 POWERUP_ON 271 0 0 0 0
activate machine gun powerup
30480 POWERUP_ON 272 0 0 0 0
activate machine gun powerup
30481 POWERUP_ON 276 0 0 0 0
activate pistol powerup
30505 POWERUP_ON 520 0 0 0 0
activate info sign powerup

(example source: full game, section [1])

See also

Object Codes Overview, Powerup Howto, POWERUP_ON, TRIGGER, FRENZY


Information contributed by ZyNTaX, schu, and Michael Mendelsohn.


The powerup types are still incomplete. A formula for frenzy duration in relation to a values would be nice. Nobody has found out yet how to add new info signs or how to use them on maps other than Liberty City.


Last change: 17 Dez 1997

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