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New Missions on old Maps

You will not earn any points in the game when you complete these missions; however, you may enjoy the challenge. These missions require no special map, just the levels that came with the game. Participate by sending in ideas!

Liberty City

Screenshot: Schoolbus in S Nixon Island Screenshot The bambini are complaining that school is too boring. Take them for a trip to the southernmost tip of Nixon Island! [Easy]

Visit the North End of The Island (North No Law)! Get back! [Medium]

old Screenshot: Sewer entrance
Take a trip into the sewers of Guernsey City! Jump down at this spot in South Eaglewood, walk under the bridge and into Eaglewood/Fort Law, just make sure you don't walk into any 'real' water.

To get the car and the boat, take a text editor and modify the beginning of MISSION.INI as shown below to get the car and the boat. Riding the boat is way cool! Unsolved problem: how to get up again!

  Easy Liberty City NEW, 22, nyc.cmp, 0, 
  100 1 1 1 1 0
  Places a bug and a boat on the water
  1000 1 (136,43,5) PARKED 1 0
  1001 1 (8848,2840,320) PARKED_PIXELS 13 512
  0 1 (108,108,4) TELEPHONE 0 768

San Andreas

"Shit. How'd the car get on the that tree? I must've been pretty pissed last night. The question is, how do I get it down again? The boss won't like this at all..." [medium]

"Hi Luv! ... Guess where I'm calling from? This must be the most scenic spot for a payphone in all of San Andreas! I can almost see the whole town from here, it's so high up! ... It's on the lawn of some rich guy's house - as if he didn't have a phone in the house himself. ... Yeah, I took the Harley for a ride; I've got it here with me. I'll take it to the beach now. ... Ok, see you there. ... I love you too. Bye, honeybunch." [easy]

Well, it's Top of the Cops with Eddie Simmons.
(If you look closely, you see the heel of the
running cop on the left appear behind my back.)
I don't want to sink to their level, but I can't
hover here forever... [medium]
If you send me a gif animation of this, you'll get a prize. Oh, and do tell me how to shake off those cops!

Vice City

Send your ideas in  ! 

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GTA Ideas Pages

EMail Help/Impressum

Created by Michael Mendelsohn 9. Sep 98