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GTA Ideas

Old Maps, New Missions Things to do for those who've seen it all
Crazy Projects for GTA-crazy Gamers; don't try this at home! Also featuring GTA Trivia.
Map Ideas inspire you to sit down and edit your own GTA map. Be sure to drop me a line if you do! Contains award-winning Klotzki Level idea.
Improving the Game is otherwise known as GTA2 wishlist and contains ideas for those who might produce a followup or clone of Grand Theft Auto. Your ideas are invited!
Contributions Many great people have shared their ideas with me (and you too, if you read this page); concerned mostly with GTA improvement ideas, their emails and some of my comments will also make interesting reading for those seeking map or mission ideas and inspirations.
GTA Bugs GTA has no bugs, just features!


Technical Information resources for those who need to understand the GTA data files
Gman\viewFC knows how to handle GTA's text files and draws neat 256x256 level maps for you as well you can use to advertise your map on the web. Requires Windows 95, NT or better. Beta Version - only for testing and review!
fxt2txt can decode GTA's text files and encode them back after you've edited them. Requires DOS only. You do not need this program if you can run Gman!
Patchtool Idea Challenge: make large files small! Includes Darren Latham's tools.


GTA Review Not another sales pitch (did you expect that in the Thoughts section?)
The most intellectual GTA review on the web Fact or Fiction?
Art goes Computergame Cangames be art? What happens to a book when it becomes agame? With a special page on Immersive Games.
Mini PC-Games Reviews contains only a paragraph per game to remind me why I've (dis)liked a game. Good growth potential.
PC Frustrations and Delights Has PC computing gotten more frustrating lately, or is it just me?

Online concepts

How it all started How to create an influential GTA website ;-) Contains the Site of the Week awards ceremony where I made a little speech and thanked many friends who've helped me bring it home.
The Unofficial GTA Reference Handbook was to enable others to produce a GTA editor - which obviously seems to have worked.
Vice City Roleplay Vice City comes alive! See Crazy Bob's House of Guns offer its wares on the web! Take a peek at the street map, and finally find out about the street names!
Vice City Travel Agents Yes, Polly, that was one of my ideas! And the VCTA competition, too! Thanks to Klamy for realising it!
There will be more to tell, about the spray shop game, the "inner circle", a ViceCity story, a top secret map-making effort, and whatever old files I can find on my harddisk. Watch this space! :-)


Double Parking 13 Sep 98 stu and Zod talk about a serialised release of a GTA TC
Mugwum 6 Sep 98 mugwum left the GTA scene, here's his look back (and a mirror of

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