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EMail Help/Impressum


Since Gman is produced in my spare time at no cost to you, support is somewhat limited. Please check the WWW Support page before sending me an email.

Additional information about GTA, including technical and gameplay-related hints and tips, downloads, and links to many other GTA-related sites can be found on Gouranga ( and other Internet sites. Be sure not to miss my own site, Grand Theft Auto Ideas Pages (, especially if you’ve decided to make your own GTA add-ons!

Do not ask me for GTA cracks, warez copies, or indeed any game files included in the full game distribution. I will not answer your email and not send you any of these files.


Michael Mendelsohn
Petersburgstr. 5
D-29223 Celle


These addresses should be good through May 2000 at least.


Concept: Michael Mendelsohn

FXT file format information: Michael Mendelsohn

CMP file format information: Ian Howson got me started, Sam Jessup, Michael Mendelsohn, Mike Dailly asked DMA to release the Cityscape docs, Keith Hamilton wrote the Cityscape docs

Delphi Programming: Michael Mendelsohn

Additional Delphi Components by Radoslaw Przybyl and Anders Melander. (see Delphi Credits.)

Artwork: Michael Mendelsohn

Testing & Feedback: Mugwum, Tosh, stu, Ringo

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GTA Ideas Pages

EMail Help/Impressum

Created by Michael Mendelsohn 6. Sep 98