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Subject: Bubby's site of the week.
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 07:57:27 +0100

Expectant whispering and bustling in the audience. A fanfare blows, the noise simmers down. Mugwum ( enters the auditorium and steps up to the microphone. He is greeted with thunderous applause.

This week, i received loads of entries from various sites, but scouted around on my own as well, to look for candidates. After my travels, two things became clear.

  1. Gouranga has been copied more times than my blue line I put before the dates, and

  2. I want to choose sites to enter from now on.

The winner of the second is............

Grand Theft Auto Ideas by Michael Mendelsohn, a true GTA guru. Bubby's isn't included on his annotated webring interestingly, but i can live with that. He has a good, informative, well-written site (none of that, bruddahood shit). Just a normal guy, explaining what he's doing. A good read and an excellent site.

Looking totally surprised, a bearded guy who appears to be wearing a pyjama and glasses steps up to the podium and listens intently as MugWum adresses the following words to him:

I don't know if you've ever read my page or not, but i run a weekly compo called Bubby's site of the week and you've won the prize this time. Included here, is a small graphic to display on your site, to show how elite it truly is.


With these words (and thunderous applause), Mugwum steps down from the microphone and hands Michael the trophy and a business card, which reads:
A GTA site with news, files and the Site of the week compo.

Both shake hands, then a small exchange between them ensues as Michael is heard by people seated nearby to ask: „Where's the cash, Mugwum?“. Soon Michael steps up to the microphone and, as the thunderous applause dies down, starts to speak:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am honored and pleased to be the second recipient of this prestigious award. The jury has praised my site for being informative, a quality that obviously did not diminish over time. This quality could not have been achieved without the aid of other people who helped me get where I am today. I want to thank especially:

There are many more who have by their input contributed to my site; those who have sent me their Ideas, questions and critique. Becoming active in the GTA community has really filled my mailbox! Thanks to you all!

Though my site seems sleeping, I am not sleeping by any means. I still regularly get EMail from FXT2TXT users, for whom I have by now had to prepare a FAQ to send out as response, and lately I have been working on several new projects.

I am therefore hopeful to impress my visitors with an even better site in the future; meanwhile, I want to point you to the sites of those friends I mentioned.

GTA Editor Project

Michael Mendelsohn - GTA Ideas pages

Ian Howson - GTA Sound editor

Nick Humphrey - Dr. Nick's GTA Department

Gavin Rudd - Ringo's Roost, Home Of GTAed

Sam Jessup - M1 Grand Theft Auto Editor

Paul Ashton - Grand Theft Auto Hacks Page (GTAGFX editor)

Darren Latham
Jeff Johnson
Jon Klaff
Apprentice: Pierre Ingmansson. Keep programming, Pierre!

Other friends

Chris "Klamy" Corbettis - Spray Shop

schu - Gouranga

Olivier Mengué - Road-Killers Rendez-Vous (Hacking Info)

ZyNTaX's GTA Hacking Section [not a "friend" since he never replied]

DMA's sort of official web site

Junction 25 - [not "friends" either, but the editor is good]

Jeff Matthews - GTA Car editor

May all of you one day receive that trophy that Mugwum gave to me today!

Michael bows deeply as thunderous applause sets in (that sound engineer is really tops!) and exits stage left, carrying the trophy.

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EMail Help/Impressum

Created by Michael Mendelsohn 8. Sep 98