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EMail Help/Impressum


If you came to this page because the online docs said to check here before you sent me an email, go to Problems & Questions where you'll find info that didn't make it into the online docs!

Beta Version - only for testing and review! Subject to change without notice!

Gman\viewFC 1.0 beta 2


Including the HTML, the Screenshot weighs in at >40 kB, so why not just download Gman itself?

Browse online Help

What is Gman? Brief overview on what Gman does

Shareware License Mine is free if yours is

Support, Contact, Credits Don't forget to check Problems & Questions first!

File information, Past and Future changes If you're technically minded...

Download (222kB, zipped)

Installation readme.txt

Delphi source code is available upon request.

Problems and Questions

Whatever information didn't make the online help is here!

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GTA Ideas Pages

EMail Help/Impressum

Created by Michael Mendelsohn 6. Sep 98